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About Li Peng

Our goal is to leverage our extensive expertise to transform our clients' visions into reality.Li Peng is committed to advanced mass production technology and the development of testing equipment to ensure high quality output, thus achieving mutual trust and lasting relationships with its partners to jointly create mutual business value.

Entrust your problems to the experts

Structured experience and services

With more than 30 years of reliable technology and a 15-step pro-active process, we have been recognized by more than 90 domestic and foreign companies, mitigating your risks in collaboration.

Outstanding expertise in automation technology

Follow your acceptance criteria, Li Peng designs easy-to-use and easy-to-analyze data for different model parameters to help you achieve business success.

Reliable equipment and quality

We provide industry-leading production output and high-quality tooling with long lifecycles and develop customized services for mass production and experimental machines, so you can rest assured about quality.

Let us empower you to achieve business success

The production efficiency of the equipment manufactured by Li Peng can also reduce labor costs and increase capacity requirements, empowering you with more flexibility to leverage your capital to advance to higher levels of technology.

Our Customers

Success comes from a solid partnership and customer satisfaction is our mission. Li Peng's primary goal is to fulfill the needs of our customers and today we count over 90 listed companies and SMEs among our satisfied customers. Li Peng equipment is used in many countries around the world to achieve their operating goals.

Share your equipment needs with us and enjoy the results with peace of mind.

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