Exceptional equipment 
Empowered by Li-Peng’s Technology and Expertise
Engineering Systems
Pipe reduction
With our rich technical experience, we can produce different response methods, including strike type and rotary type, and adopt servo-controlled rotation speed and forward amount to shape the tube.
We can undertake hydraulic, pneumatic and servo pressing methods, including hot pressing, cold pressing as well as servo-controlled speed and tempo production methods.
Servo axis + servo positioning can be used to bend 2D or 3D pipes into different shapes, covering X-axis, Y-axis and Z-axis.
We have rich experience in resistance welding, ultrasonic, laser, argon arc welding, etc. Based on different materials and styles, we provide the most suitable welding method and test.
Film lamination
We can realize the lamination of two rolls of film without marks, wrinkles or air bubbles by utilizing tumbling technology and tension control alignment technology.
We can undertake various identification processes such as alignment, missing material, scarring, etc. through the use of CCD and various sensors to inspect various workpieces or packaging defects.
Use die jig and fixtures to roll 2D mesh into a circle and push it into the cavity of the object, or use servo motor to control the feed length and cut.
Equipped with the technology to thread metal wire precisely into narrow tube cavities, using servo motors to control the feed length and cut.
We have the knowledge on vacuum pumps, piping valves and other special equipment, so that the workpiece can reach a good level of vacuum, and we can undertake all kinds of vacuum and subsequent liquid injection processes, etc.
Temperature Gauge
Through our mature and stable heating, temperature measurement and acquisition technology, we can understand the changes of the object during the process, and can support the requirements of heat removal, conduction speed and maximum power output.
Powder Filling
Using the vibration motor to control the amplitude and frequency of vibration, so that the powder particles are evenly distributed, and the jig can control the thickness of the powder and the density of the powder by time.
Control Systems
Servo Control
We have rich experience in multi-axis servo control through machining related equipment, and we can use multi-axis control and cope with NC (numerical control) system.
Sequence Control
We can handle PLCs from almost all manufacturers, including Mitsubishi Electric, Omron, Keyence and Siemens, and we can also perform traceability management and MES.
Precision Alignment
By cross-use of mold alignment, sensor, image and programming control, we can achieve high cost performance alignment, and ensure the tolerance value of the fixture and machine frame to achieve comprehensive precision alignment.
Safety Measures
Safety is paramount and comes above all else. We strike an excellent balance between cost and usability, developing equipment that allows operators to operate in a high-safety environment.
Software Integration and Application
UI/UX Optimization
Our LABVIEW modular design provides a cleaner user interface as well as a logical and convenient operating experience.
Hardware communications integration
We integrate various PLCs and instruments to monitor and control each action and performance of equipment in real time.
Customizable reports
We compile equipment information, analysis charts and test data to provide customized information that meets user needs.
Production Systems
Chassis Frame
SS41-grade steel with baking paint to withstand thick panels, thus ensuring the durability and stability of the equipment. Aluminum extrusion frames are also available, taking into account the appearance, cost and light weight.
Cable Management
High safety, long-term stability and easy access for maintenance work have always been our greatest concerns. We rigorously review the current, the configuration of the panel, the location and cleanliness of the cable management.
Precise assembly ensures long-term equipment accuracy, until the formation of sound corporate culture, which can effectively ensure the stability of the equipment in the processing.
Parts processing
We have a variety of milling machines, lathes, drilling machines and operators to speed up the testing of R&D testing, and to undertake ad hoc changes of parts.


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