Li Peng Precise Machinery’s profound expertise and capabilities in equipment manufacturing span two major industry segments: thermal conductivity and lithium battery, as well as three major equipment types: tube processing machines, testing machines and SMD packaging machines. We offer customized equipment design and development to help manufacturers tailor-make factory automation systems to enhance production efficiency. Since our establishment in 1988, we have pursued innovative technology, pro-active processes and a steady pace of operations to embrace the decades of dynamic industry developments and offer our rich industry experience and insights to empower customers, gaining long-term recognition from our domestic and international clientele.



Business Philosophies


Forge ahead with innovation and creativity; Produce various equipment with high quality and good performance; Enable our customers to expand their market shares and improve their competitiveness with our technology and professionalism. 

Provide our customers with products at reasonable prices and assist them in reducing costs; Improve the productivity and reduce the waste of manpower; Meet customers’ increasing needs.

Focusing on the people; Adhering to technical innovation;Customers supreme, service first; Being at the head of the industry.





  We have successfully helped more than 90 listed companies and SMEs to achieve their goals and to save unnecessary expenses and increase the availability of capital to continue to advance to higher levels of technology. Feel free to share any manufacturing-related questions with us and we will empower you to add maximum value to your products and business goals.