The Strongest Backer of your Products
We set our objectives to achieve the best possible results, continuing to innovate, collaborate and work towards a common vision. The dynamic and ever-changing external environment has driven us to advance in and explore the fields of mechanics, process control and software development, compelling us to change for the better - as individuals and the industry as a whole. Li Peng is fortunate to work with inquisitive, courageous and attentive partners to realize our customers' needs.
Mechanical Engineering
Quality is by design, and Li Peng’s engineers have decades of development experience, supplemented by phased verification to improve the ultimate feasibility, so that your equipment possesses superior automation and production capabilities right from the source.
Power Distribution Engineering
High safety, long-term stability and easy access for maintenance work have always been our greatest concerns. We rigorously review the current, the configuration of the panel, the location and cleanliness of the cable management, so that you will never have to worry about the safety of your equipment in the future.
Control Systems Engineering
Our engineers have a profound breadth of experience in the field, and are able to plan more reliable and adaptable control system solutions for different production needs to help you achieve your expectations in equipment automation.
Software Engineering
Li Peng possesses the capabilities of flexible architecture planning and modular design, and we are adept at hardware interface integration services, mainly detecting the movement and performance of various instruments and equipment, and customizing various data processing forms according to the demand side.
Production Engineering
Perfection is derived from attention to detail. Li Peng’s production engineering team possesses vast expertise in practical engineering experience, from real-time engineering verification on the front-end, to troubleshooting in the back-end during the trial run, as well as final quality control before delivery.
Maintenance Engineering
Peace of mind comes from perfect service. We provide installation, training and after-sales service. We also provide timely remote technical support and can also arrange for technical troubleshooting on-site at the factory.